Be extraordinary.
Be impactful.
Be unstoppable.

Let's grow your mind, grow your reach, grow your income, grow your business and grow your impact!

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I strategically support small-to-medium business owners to grow and scale their business, to reach more people and change more lives.


1 - By understanding your business and helping you to identify areas where an Online Course will grow both your reach and your revenue. Then providing a "done-for-you" or "done-with-you" service to create, design, implement and launch.

2 - By understanding YOU. By getting to know the person behind the business; how you operate and identifying areas where I can bring out the best in you. To unleash your creativity, grow you confidence, increase your visibility, charge your worth and surpass your potential.

I help you become the best, unstoppable, most extraordinary YOU possible!

  online course creator & business coach 

Hello, Hello! I'm Gems.



"Gems is one of the finest people with whom I've had the pleasure to work. She's an organized and strategic thinker. Her interpersonal skills are outstanding and she possesses the rare quality of conceptual thinking. I cannot recommend her more highly both as a professional and as a wonderful and talented human being."

- Peter, USA

"Gems is absolutely amazing to work with, she is loving, caring and she will help you get your dreams come to life. I am so thankful for you and all your support, your uplifting soul and spirit."

- Cristel, Netherlands

"Gemma is brilliant and insightful. She truly understands people and what they can do to achieve their goals. If you’re looking for someone to take you and your dreams to the next level, she’s your person!"

- Jen, UAE

"Working with Gemma has been phenomenal. The content and guidance she provides has undoubtedly helped me not only move in the right direction but FIND direction. I have benefited both personally and professionally by working with her. I unlocked passions and ideas I am eager to explore with her help."

- Melissa, USA

What Others Have To Say:

From growing up as a military brat in the UK to leaving an established career when becoming a US MilSpouse, I understand the struggles of a weak mindset and low self-esteem.

But I know that mindset is an inside job, and I'm here to show you how to master yours, and be the extraordinary business owner you were created to be! 

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